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February's Book Selection

The February selection is Like Lovers Do: A Girls Trip Novel by romance author Tracey Livesay.

If you like books that feature groups of besties, friends-to-lovers romances, and just the right amount of heat, then get your copy of Like Lovers Do and read along with us!

Toward the end of the month Angi and Becky will video chat with Tracey about the book. Be sure to ask questions that will be answered during the live discussion!

About Like Lovers Do

“Very witty, romantic and sexy! Did I mention sexy?" - Aaliyah, Amazon Reviewer

Sometimes faking it can lead to the real thing… 

Driven and focused, Dr. Nicole Allen is an accomplished surgeon. With a tough past, Nic’s gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations. But when she disciplines an intern—a powerful donor’s son—a prestigious fellowship she’s awaiting is placed in jeopardy. 

Coming from a successful family who runs a medical business empire, Benjamin Reed Van Mont is the black sheep, having chosen to start his own business instead. Though he’s not ready to settle down, he knows when the time comes it definitely won’t be with a workaholic doctor like his friend Nic—even if she’s had him re-examining his edict…more than once. 

When Ben’s status-climbing ex-girlfriend finds her way back into his orbit, Nic proposes a swap of services. She’ll spend the week with Ben on Martha’s Vineyard, pretending to be his girlfriend—but only if he’ll have his family intervene on her behalf so she won’t lose her fellowship. How hard can the charade be? 

But as they’re about to discover, they’ve sorely underestimated their true feelings for each other…

About Angi & Becky

Brought together by a mutual love of reading, Angi and Becky decided to form a book club to share books by authors they love with others. 

Each month will feature a different book and a live discussion.