Meet Angi & Becky

We’re Angi and Becky, two bookworm friends who have turned our passion for reading into a fun way to connect in a time that requires social distance. Follow us on Facebook!

Meet Angi

Angi Hegner loves books, sloths, and coffee who lives in South Carolina. She is married to her real happily ever after and has 3 grown kids. Angi is about to become a first time Mimi in December. When she is not working, she can be found curled up in a cozy spot with a book in her hand.

Meet Becky

Becky Muth is a coffee addict who lives in South Carolina. She married her real-life firefighter hero, and they live in South Carolina with their adult sons and many pets. When she isn't working or writing, Becky spends her free time hanging out at the beach with her family or binge-watching Netflix with her golden retriever.